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All work and no play leads to a productivity crisis, but working on a cluttered desk acts like slow poison, gradually draining your energy.

Most workaholics have desks that are a pitch-perfect visual representation of chaos. If you are suffering from a chaotic workspace, you should invest in practical workspace organizers for your desk. Since we spend most of our job time at a desk, it should be a decluttered and functional space. With the help of desk organizers, you can achieve that. Use different organizational containers, boxes, trays, and caddies to organize your office supplies. In this guide, you can check out our top picks for desk organizers of 2022 with detailed reviews. Keep reading to find the right solution for decluttering your workspace and get your productivity juices flowing.

The Simple Houseware desk organizer is an excellent storage solution for desks. With multiple upright file organizers, an open letter slot, and a pull-out drawer, this product has it all. You can use its different sections and compartments for storing various items, including files, papers, notebooks, folders, and office supplies. The pull-out drawer of this mesh organizer comes with six adjustable dividers that you can place according to your current needs. You do not need any tools for assembling this product, it doesn’t use any nuts or screws. It has a sturdy metal construction, making it durable for regular use. Since this is a multipurpose product with separate sections for different items, including a drawer, it managed to grab the top position on our list.

Made with solid alloy steel mesh

Five vertical slots and a horizontal shelf

Drawer on lower level with six adjustable dividers

Available in silver and black color

The Greenco desk organizer is a practical space-saving solution for small desks. Made with alloy steel mesh material, it is a compact caddy with a sleek design. Featuring five compartments and a mini pull-out drawer, this product packs maximum utility in a small footprint. You can use this product in your office for keeping your desk decluttered and tidy. It has a black epoxy finish that may go well with most office décor styles without looking out of place. This mini caddy can store your papers, notepads, pens, and other office supplies in separate sections. With its versatile use, this item can make a great gift for someone working in an office or with a desktop setup.

Made with durable scratch-resistant wire mesh

Six compartments with one sliding drawer

Space-saving design, great for smaller desks

The Huanuo desk organizer serves as an organizer as well as a monitor stand, perfect for raising your monitor to eye level. It has an H-shape construction to strengthen its structure and increase its durability. This product can easily hold printers, monitors, and other items weighing up to 33 pounds. Its ergonomic design raises a monitor by 4.7 inches, preventing possible neck and shoulder strain and promoting better posture while working long hours. With two spacious drawers, this organizer can store various small office supplies, like notebooks, pens, smartphones, and documents. The lower drawer can easily store A3 or A4 size papers. This product requires no assembly when you can take it out of the box. It comes pre-assembled and ready to use.

Made with solid metal mesh

H-type construction for better stability

Two pull-out drawers with ample storage space

The top drawer has three compartments for storing multiple items separately

Simple and ergonomic design promotes usability

The Safco Products desk organizer is made with a durable alloy steel mesh. It comes with five simple and sturdy vertical slots, offering convenient storage. This product features a solid steel base panel, giving it additional stability and supporting the vertical dividers. A chip-resistant powder coat ensures that this product can withstand extensive wear and tear over time. Wide storage slots allow this product to organize multiple items, like binders, notepads, files, and folders. The five 2-inch sorter slots can be used for storing more extensive catalogs and bulky binders. Since it comes pre-assembled, you can start using it as soon as it arrives.

Lightweight and durable alloy steel frame construction

Five vertical slots for easy storage

Rugged black powder coat finish for long-lasting life

Provides easy and efficient organization

The Jerry and Maggie desk organizer is an adjustable desktop storage shelf made with natural wood. It uses raw and non-toxic materials for construction that won’t leave a pungent smell. This cubicle shelf has two parts that you can rotate and adjust to your liking. You can also use the two parts separately as they are not connected. The incredible craftsmanship makes its surface sturdy and flat. This lightweight product, weighing 6 pounds, and with five units, is easy to carry and transport. You can use this versatile item as a present for your family and friends.

Made with non-toxic, all-natural wood

Adjustable and rotatable wood shelves

Stylish design with easy installation

Our workspace desks should be a place of productivity and creativity, but clutter can hinder the creative process. Using desk organizers can help control the layout of your desk space by keeping everything in place. But choosing the right organizer can be overwhelming with various shapes, materials, sizes, and colors available. This buying guide will help you learn everything you need to know to get the right organizer for your workspace.

Focus on these points when buying a desk organizer for your workspace:

When it comes to desk organizers, you can find them in various materials. The wide range of materials and designs can complement different décor styles. You can get acrylic, plastic, wood, or metal organizers for keeping everything in place on your desk. The suitable material depends on your particular needs and aesthetics. If you have a contemporary modern-looking desk, you should give clear acrylic organizers a try. You can also create an industrial décor vibe by placing a black metal caddy on a wooden desk.

Desktop organizers have different storage styles, including open and closed. The style you choose depends on your preference and requirements. If you go for an open storage style with a transparent model, you can easily find whatever you need because everything is on display. In cases of extensive clutter, that may look unattractive out in the open, you should choose a close storage style. This type of organizer has drawers and compartments for hiding a mess. You can also choose a hybrid style, utilizing the perks of both storage styles.

The primary purpose of a desk organizer is to make your workspace more functional and productive. You cannot achieve that if your organizer isn’t practical. An organizer’s functionality depends on your work dynamic and requirements. If you work in a paperless office, you won’t need large tray organizers, a small caddy for your desk may be enough. But if your work revolves around handling papers, you should opt for a tiered organizer.

Being a high-traffic area in an office, your desk can get cluttered quickly. You can find different types of desk organizers for creating a system in your workspace and keeping it organized. Some commonly available types are listed below:

With a multi-compartment style organizer, you get multiple compartments of the same type. For instance, a product will only feature shelves if it is a shelved organizer. Similarly, if an organizer has drawers, it won’t contain any other storage solutions. With an open storage style, you won’t get any drawers, only multiple compartments for storing different items.

In varied compartment organizers, you can get different types of compartments. These organizers have everything from shelves to sections to drawers. They come with dedicated slots for various items and usually have adjustable dividers, creating a functional layout. You can use these organizers by storing different items separately in their dedicated compartments.

Everyone uses their smartphones and other tech gadgets on their desks, so it is only appropriate for them to have their own dedicated space. A smart desk organizer comes with holding sections designed for different gadgets, including smartphones, cameras, tablets, and scanners.

You can also get USB ports for charging different devices in options with more advanced designs. While they don’t come cheap, they act as organizers, storage solutions, and charging docks.

Using a desk organizer has many perks, including the following:

Most people feel unproductive while working in a cluttered or cramped space. A tidy work desk looks pleasing to the eyes and positively impacts the mind. With a clean surface, you can focus on your work instead of the clutter around you.

When everything is in its place, you can access your desired item without wasting any time. As a result, you get to work with better concentration, yielding improved results.

If your desk is organized and clutter-free, you will save a lot of time. It is hard to find something when your desk is filled with papers, files, and documents. When you organize your desk using a desk organizer, you always know where everything is.

So, when you need a particular file, you won’t waste time looking through a pile of old papers. When you can access required items quickly, you can spend more time on actual work.

No matter where you work if your workspace is unorganized, it will make you look unprofessional. Your coworkers may judge you if your desk looks like a dumpster. So, to look more professional, it’s preferable to keep your desk organized and mess-free.

Using a desk organizer makes the workspace more functional and maximizes its utility. When all your extra stuff is kept organized, you will get a lot of free space to utilize for productive tasks. You can also use the extra desk space to keep stuff to inspire you while you work.

With a desk organizer, you can manage your workspace and free up valuable space. Here are some organization tips for your workspace:

If your desk has a lot of items on it that you don’t use daily, use your desktop organizer for storage. Get a tiered tray organizer for keeping all your documents in one place and avoiding clutter.

In modern workplaces, cables are standard. Your computer has cables, your smartphone charger has a cable and your printer needs a cable. Due to a considerable footprint of cables in your workspace, your desk can start to look cramped and untidy. You can get a cable organizer for your desk for managing stray wires in an organized manner.

You can make your desk more organized and functional by adding labels to your desktop organizer. This way, you will have everything written in front of you, keeping everything easy to access.

A: Cleaning a desk organizer isn’t very tricky, but the cleaning process depends on its material. If you have an acrylic organizer, you can wash it with dishwashing liquid and properly dry it. Plastic and metal organizers can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. You can use a microfiber cloth to dust wooden organizers.

A: Having multiple desk organizers depends on your needs and desk space. If you have a small desk, getting more than one organizer might make the space look cramped. But if your desk is large, you can get multiple organizers for different items.

A: There is no one size fits all answer for this. It depends on desk size, a room’s layout, and individual preferences. But you should keep your organizer in an easily reachable spot on your desk without obstructing your workflow.

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