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Add RFI to your home screen© 2022 Copyright RFI - All rights reserved.RFI is not responsible for content from external websites.Attendance certified by the ACPM/OJD.After the acquittal of Vital Kamerhe, former chief of staff of President Felix Tshisekedi, questions arise about the funds disbursed by the State and the prefabricated houses for which Kamerhe had been convicted, just two years ago, in the first proceeding to 20 years of forced labor.The shipments do exist, but are rotting in several ports, particularly in Tanzania, where the authorities are threatening to sell them at auction.These houses had been commissioned for the military and police.The cargo abandoned in Tanzania was destined for the city of Bukavu, in South Kivu.With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal MulegwaThese seemingly abandoned containers have become cumbersome for Tanzanian port authorities.Despite multiple correspondence sent to the Congolese government, no one has come forward to claim the 216 containers.They have been stuck since 2020 in warehouses in Ubungo district in Dar es Salaam.At the end of June, the Tanzanian consulate for the Katanga region approached the governor of Lualaba province.In the correspondence that we have consulted, the consulate announces the decision of the port authorities to put them up for sale, “since no entity follows up on their storage”.The related customs duties had not been paid by the Congolese State, nor the Samibo Congo company of the Lebanese businessman Samih Djamal who had obtained the controversial contract.Added to this are significant storage costs and two-year penalties.Huge sums.And it's not just these shipments, other containers are blocked by customs services in Angola and Matadi in the DRC.On the Congolese side, sources close to the Prime Minister assure that the file is “being processed at the Ministry of Finance”, which RFI could not verify.After the acquittal of Vital Kamerhe, all the parties were to meet to draw the consequences of the trial, and therefore decide the fate of the containers, say the lawyers.Which so far has not been done.For Billy Kambale, the secretary general of Kamerhe's party, this is a development that reinforces the innocence of the former director of the president's cabinet.“It was a lawsuit that was intended to weaken the momentum that the 100-day emergency program was going to take.It is clear that if this program had been carried out, especially in its prefabricated house component, Tshisekedi would have done in two years what Mobutu did not succeed in 32 years”, he believes.NewsletterReceive all the international news directly in your mailboxFollow all the international news by downloading the RFI applicationAyman al-Zawahiri, a major player in Islamic jihadism in AfricaDRC: the authorities harden the tone against MonuscoGeneral elections in Kenya: the electoral commission promises “a free and credible ballot”Legislative in Senegal: battle of declarations between the opposition and the powerAfter the deadly shootings of Monusco, the UN and Kinshasa temporize before actingGabon: division and sanctions within the opposition party National UnionMali: former Prime Minister Boubou Cissé "serene" in the face of the arrest warrant issued by BamakoMali: five days of work to relaunch the peace agreementMadagascar: arrests after the violent murder of 32 villagersGuinea: the two arrested FNDC leaders have been charged and imprisonedA rapprochement at work between Turkey and the eastern Libyan campFloods in eastern Uganda kill at least 22In Benin, a national holiday under the sign of relaxationThe content you are trying to access does not exist or is no longer available.